Use case: Plone in multi-{country, language, domain} applications

by Mikel Larreategi

Their needs

  • Multilingual:,, ...
  • Multi-domain:,,, ...
  • Multi-everything:,,,
  • Centralized content-management:,,, ...
how to create a site with 2 Spanish versions: one for the international targetting site and the other one for the spanish site?
enable the "Show country-specific language variants" checkbox on Plone's language control panel
how to create a site in English for Mexico? Does "English (Mexico)" (en-mx) exist?
no, it does not exist.
But we can create a language for you
Patch plone.i18n to extend the language variant vocabulary.
We created: en-mx, en-fr, ru-kz
OK, now we want to serve this site from several domains, but some domains should serve only some languages
Let's use collective.linguadomains

collective.linguadomains configuration

collective.linguadomains is great!
  • It creates redirects for incorrect site-language combinations: ->
  • You need to manualy override the language-selector viewlet if you want to show links instead of redirects
  • The same for the language-alternate viewlet

language selector with full domain URLs

language alternate viewlet with full domain URLs
guidelines by Google

can we create a new language-country pair but based on the existing content?
Yes! Use our language copier!
Can you do content-management for us? We will provide the content on different languages
Yes. We are going to use XLIFF to handle the translations.

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  • XLIFF integration for Plone
  • Both for importing and exporting
  • Both for Archetypes and Dexterity
  • One trans-unit per field
but what can we do with images or files linked from the translated HTML content?
use plone.outputfilters

Override the ResolveUIDAndCaptionFilter to check if proper language content was inserted

To sum up

  • Plone is perfect for multilingual content sites
  • It's easy to build powerful multi-site, multi-language sites
  • There are a lot of useful addons on the collective, just browse!
  • Pay attention to language-change URLs
  • Have Google in mind: redirects, proper language codes, alternate content links, ...

Example sites